Friday, September 29, 2006

I Know It's Over

Will the Reds please just get mathematically eliminated from the NL Central race already. I don't know how many more of these headlines I can take: "Reds Win, Stay In Race". Sounds like they got a pretty good chance right? Yeah if you consider needing two teams to lose their last three games, and then sweeping the Pirates a good chance, hell yes, the Reds are practically in! Who do we get in the 1st round, the Mets? Awesome, who do I call for playoff tickets? Seriously Cincinnati Enquirer, stop toying with my emotions or I'll have to call Chiquita on you again.

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Wise One said...

They're out now.
I'm sad. I thought we were going to pull it off. I just bought me a new Austin Kearns jersey! (Yah, I'm cheap) Best part about it was that Larue jerseys are cheaper than Kearns and Lopez jerseys and he still plays for the Reds.

Stop hating the Reds. Stop it, it isn't nice.